Monday, 5 December 2011

Tool kit.

This is the tool kit I carry:

My most common choice is the Gerber mini axe, Bahco laplander saw and my pukko style knife.

The mini axe is very small and only used to split wood or to rough out shapes for carving.
The Bahco laplander saw is a great folding saw and is used for many tasks around camp.
I choose from a few knives but I favour a full tang knife for strength and durability.

I may also add the following items to my tools:

Mora 120 carving knife
I also carry a DC4 sharpening stone when out for a prolonged period of time or when I will be using my knife a lot
Sometimes I carry a small blade for food preparation and other small tasks.


  1. Hi Ben, great little over view of the tools you use. I generally use an Opinel as my everyday knife, I find them so easy to use. I do however agreee with you regarding the Gerber Axe. I have this one, which is slightly larger than yours, but like you I find it to be versatile and use it for plenty of other things, even cutting through undergrowth.

  2. Hello Jeff and thank you for the comment,
    I have owned a few opinel knives and they are neat little blades!
    I no longer own any axe just because the amount of times it got used was not worth the weight. It is a good tool but my camps are far from my home so weight is a slight issue but I do agree that the Gerber Axe's are great for a lot of tasks.
    Regards, Ben.