Thursday, 31 May 2012

Day out in the woods

Just thought I would share with you a nice day out in the woods.

First job of the day- getting a fire going. For this i just used a cotton wool ball and some birch bark.

Prepared some dry standing wood in size order to the right length.

One strike with a fire steel and it was lit, actually surprised me as it has drizzled a little around 20 minutes before.

Then got the hammock and tarp set up for a relaxing day and if it rained again there would be no rush.

Got some water on to boil for a brew.

Also took the Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet along as I was going to a new site that I had only walked through before and there was a lot of wood fallen and stuck in trees and wanted to use the new beauty! 

Got a little hungry so tried the Mug Shot noodles, quite nice but I did not leave them stand for long enough.

Quick tip, after washing mugs out if you have a spare carabiner hang them from your ridge line so when you pack up they are dry and you do not forget about them! 

Also found a nice Flat peice of wood(Mora clipper for scale). Should come in handy as a surface for food prep. Also found a nice little chopping block for next time.

Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy!

Belt pouch update

This is what is currently being carried in my belt pouch. This kit is swapped around frequently depending on what I intend to do but this set up can be used for every day carry and in the woodlands.

Here is the pouch and its contents:

Here is a quick run through of what I carry:
Simple first aid kit with antiseptic wipes, plasters, cotton buds and more bits.
Flat packed Duct tape
Spyderco folding knife
Police Torch that runs on 1 AA battery
Swiss army knife
Mini pry bar
Large Safety Pin
Fire steel and striker
Spy capsule with cotton wool balls
Uncle bills silver gripper tweezers

All of these items come in handy when I am out. Feel free to comment with any tips you may have!

Thank you for reading.

Belt kit

Here is what I use as a belt kit. These items are normally carried in my rucksack but when at camp I often put them onto my belt as they are what I feel are the essential items.

As you can see in the pictures I carry:
Water bottle pouch with Osprey bottle, Stainless steel Crusader mug and stainless steel lid.
Bahco laplander saw with leather pouch
Mora clipper knife and firesteel in leather pouch
Belt pouch (Contents in another post)

Thanks for looking and I hope you like the kit.

Tool kit

I currently carry the Gransfors Bruks wildlife hatches, Bahco Laplander saw and a full tang knife. Pictured is the Mora Clipper

I also sometimes add a carving blade and my DC4 sharpening stone. Also when I carry a pocket knife I am mainly using a British army clasp knife but also have a Swiss army knife in my Belt Pouch and sometimes carry the Joker No74 Folder.

Thank you for reading.

Tinder kit

In the waterproof oilskin pouch I carry: twine, cotton balls, cotton balls in vaseline, char cloth, birch bark and any other dry tinder I find on the trail.

This kit has never failed me and I keep it filled up with natural tinder when out.

Thanks for reading.