Monday, 25 June 2012

Pathfinder bottle and cup with stove ring and homemade stove

Here is the Pathfinder bottle and cup being used with the stove ring and a homemade stove I made from an old Vaseline tin

Here are a few pictures.

The set up with windshield

For use with the stove ring I cut down an old tent peg for supports. As the ring nests around the bottle I did not want it to fall inside during use.

Roiling boil with the homemade stove 

The windshield is large enough to only leave around a 1" gap for the handles, great on windy days

The more I use this bottle and cup the more I love it. It is a great cooking system on its own and all that is needed for a day or two out in the hills. The stove ring can also be used with hexamine or fire coals and both the bottle and cup are stainless to be used for boiling and cooking. Highly recommend this cook set!

Thanks for looking

Day out

Just thought I would share a few pictures from a recent day out. The weather was nice, no work to be done so packed some kit and went for a wander. Walked a loop that was around 8 miles in total and took me around 2 and half hours but stopped at the peak of the mountain for a brew and sit down! 

The view at the peak

A brew with the pocket stove, Trangia burner and MyTiMug from Alpkit

Natural spring, coming out of the ground. Generally a very clean source of water.

Cooling off some brew in shallow running water!

Seen a few common newts on the way, this was jus a hole in the ground around 3ft Diameter and it was full of life which is great to see

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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Pathfinder bottle and cup with Emberlit stove

Just thought I would share with you my new Pathfinder Stainless Steel Water Bottle and Stainless Steel Cup being used with the Emberlit Stove.

The Pathfinder Bottle and Cup

 Bottle and cup with the Emberlit stove

 Lighting the Emberlit stove, One strike with the firesteel and its underway!

 Boiling Water in the Cup first
 Roiling boil!

 Then boiling water in the bottle

 The stove in progress..

 Roiling boil

 The stove filled with wood to make coals

Nice deep bed of coals. Excellent for slow cooking and will catch more wood if you want to cook quicker easily

I am very impressed with the bottle and cup so far and the measurements on the cup are great. A well made bit of kit that I look forward to carrying in the future.

Thanks for reading.