Sunday, 7 October 2012

Every Day Carry

Here is my Every Day Carry (EDC)


  • Phone - Samsung Galaxy Young
  • Wallet with cash, cards and id
  • Torch
  • Zippo Lighter
  • UK Legal knife - Joker No74 or swapper for the Alox Farmer Swiss Army knife
  • Keys containing Spyderco Bug and Silver Gripper tweezers
This is what I carry most days, I sometimes just have a phone and wallet but this is my favorite carry.

Thank you for reading.

Lightweight cook kit

As you may of seen, I have been trying to make my kit more compact and lighter recently so here is my cooking kit.

I carry a MSR Titan Kettle, 500ml ClipLock tub with homemade cosy, Alpkit tanium spork, Evernew burner and trivet, windscreen and meths. I am trying to find a more suitable windscreen but other than that I am very pleased with this cook kit.

For carrying water I use Platypus water bottles.

If I am out on a longer trip or can have a fire I also carry the EmberlitUL Stove. This is a very light stove that can be used with fire, meths and hexamine. Burning wood is free of course and also saves carrying your fuel so removes weight from the kit.

Hope you like the kit and thank you for reading.