Friday, 3 August 2012

How I choose my day kit

Here are a few pictures of past day kits...

How I pick the kit..
Rucksack- Something not too big but fits all the kit nicely.
Cook kit- This includes a water bottle, metal container to boil water and cook and usually a stove.
Fire lighting- This can be a lighter,  firesteel, matches or traditional fire lighting kit with natural or synthetic tinders.
Tools- If I intend to stop in the woods I will carry a knife and a saw, if I am just going for a walk I will carry a folding knife to be more discrete.
First aid kit- Always packed, never used. 
Bandana- Too many uses to list but can be a pot lifter when hot, filter debris out of water, clean pots and so much more.
Brew kit and food
Utensils- A folding mug is nice to have and a spoon or spork is very handy.
Tarp- Not always packed but if there is a chance of rain carried for fast shelter.
Hammock- Also not always packed but if i'm going to be stopping somewhere with trees I carry the hammock.
Extras- I sometimes carry a torch, whistle and signal mirror just encase I get caught out.. Also it is a good idea to carry a basic toilet kit.

I do not carry all the kit above everytime but this is how I structure my kit.

Thank you for reading.

Walk along the river

Went for a walk along the river today and found a little spot for a fire..

Here are the pictures from the walk

For coffee I put the Pathfinder mug on some fire coals..

The kit I carried
Bandana that I used as a pot grip, cleaning cloth, towel etc, my fire kit (tinders and firesteel), knife with neck lanyard, Bahco laplander saw, British army clasp knife and the Pathfinder bottle and cup with stove ring.

Thanks for reading.