Monday, 5 December 2011

Tool kit.

This is the tool kit I carry:

My most common choice is the Gerber mini axe, Bahco laplander saw and my pukko style knife.

The mini axe is very small and only used to split wood or to rough out shapes for carving.
The Bahco laplander saw is a great folding saw and is used for many tasks around camp.
I choose from a few knives but I favour a full tang knife for strength and durability.

I may also add the following items to my tools:

Mora 120 carving knife
I also carry a DC4 sharpening stone when out for a prolonged period of time or when I will be using my knife a lot
Sometimes I carry a small blade for food preparation and other small tasks.

Cook kits

Here are my current cook kits..

Alpkit titanium cook set.
I use my Ti cook set mainly when I am hiking due to weight. When I am hiking I usually only have quick boil in the bag meals or brews so titanium is perfect for me.

Alpkit MyTiMug- 750ml capacity with lid.
Alpkit MyTiCup - 450ml used to have a brew whilst cooking in the larger mug.
TiSpork, both alpkit, either used, one slightly larger for soups etc.
Vargo Ti triad XE stove, used to burn hexi blocks, does the job grand
Whitebox stove, burns meths and does not require pot stand, earlier views found on my blog. Burns meths.

USGI Cookset

Cookset from the US. Water bottle, stainless steel mug and aliminium stand. Stand can be used with hexi tablets, over a meths stove or just placed on the coals of a fire.

Crusader cook set.

Nato water bottle, crusader mug, crusader stove and heavycover lid- all fit in an army pouch.
Crusader stove burns hexi or green heat (a sort of flammable gel). This is a very strong cook set and is also very durable. The mug can be placed straight on a fire and I have used this setup the longest.

I use all the cook sets and what I plan to do decides what I carry. When I intend to fish I add a small frying pan and when I am staying out longer I generally carry a billy can and this would be my cooking full setup. I can supplement these cook items with water bottles/water bags.