Thursday, 2 February 2012

Hobo stove

This is my hobo stove setup:

To make this set cost me under £3 to make.

The 'stove' is a utensil holder from ASDA that cost under £2 and the 'billy can' was £1 from the pound shop. 
To make I drilled two holes in the billy which i will add a handle too, the tent pegs were the correct size although I have some lighter stainless steel skewers I cut to size with a hack saw and the stove I drilled a series of air holes around the bottom so the fire gains oxygen, a 'door' to feed wood into the stove without removing the pot and holes to hold the tent stakes in place to hold the pot.

Also pictures is the Emberlit stove for a windscreen.

The stove itself takes up no more room than carrying a billy alone and weighs very little, and if open fires are not allows this is very sensible and discrete. The stove catches any ashes so it is very easy to clear up and 'leave no trace'

This little thing is great, you can boil water, cook food, it stands as its own windshield and pot stand, eat from it and drink from it and you can hang the billy over the fire. The stove can be used with wood, a meths stove, hexamine or gel fuel so it is very versatile and free using the wood option and the stove.. well for £3 its amazing.

Thank you for reading.

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