Thursday, 30 May 2013

What it's all about

I will be using this post as an entry to Mike's competition (strat2206 on Youtube)

I carried the Emberlit stove as I did not want an open fire and used a cotton ball, birch bark and maya stick to light.

I use long sticks with the Emberlit stove so it can be kept burning by pushing the sticks into the stove.

I boiled milk in the Pathfinder cup and made porridge.

Set up the hammock and although the tarp was carried it was not used.
I use a simple set up for the hammock of two tree straps and whoopie slings on the tarp.

Boiled up some more milk to make hot chocolate.

The kit I carried:
Ribz system
DD Tarp
Bahco Laplander saw
Mark Hill knife
Pathfinder bottle and cup
Oilskin pouch with tinder and firesteel
Emberlit stove
First aid kit and mosquito repellent
Cordage for tarp set up

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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Ribz review

Recently I was offered the chance to try out Ribz.

After trying Ribz I can say they are great!
The Ribz system can be used as a day kit alone or used for essential items on an overnight camp so when you arrive at camp you can drop your pack and wander off and still have all the essentials to hand which I found excellent.
The Ribz system is really well designed and what I really liked is the accessibility to everything as you are on the move even if you are carrying a rucksack with the system. 
Also on a day hike I was virtually wearing all my kit so the weight was very well distributed making very comfortable walking throughout the day.

Pathfinder bottle and cup with stove ring carried easily in the pouch.

First aid kit is always close to hand using the Ribz.

Here are the Ribz being used with a rucksack, can still wear the hip belt with ease.

Tools and fire lighting kit in the other pouch. Great items to have to hand. Having your tools to hand is great and with the Ribz you do not have to have them on display.

I used Ribz on day hikes to carry all my kit which included:
Bahco laplander saw
Firesteel and tinder kit
Water bottle and metal mug with stove ring
Snacks/Trail mix
First aid kit

Another great thing about the Ribz is having your first aid kit to hand which I think is essential when in the outdoors and especially when using sharp tools.

I also used the Ribz system when fishing which I found great as I had everything on hand for a change so was not stuck looking through my pack for scissors or something else that I can never normally find.

I have very kindly been given a promotional code for the Ribz which will give a 50% discount to my readers which will reduce the Ribz to just $29.95, shipping to Europe I believe is usually $25 so using the code will not only gain you free shipping but also save a few pounds. 
The promo code is 'ribzilla' and can be used up until June 10th 2013

I would really appreciate if you could give Ribz Facebook page a like in the following link -

Found Ribz a great company to deal with and the customer service is excellent.

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Fire cooking set up

This set up is how I cook with a billy can over a fire

This is a very simple set up which works excellently because the billy can be moved so easily and you can higher and lower the pot very easily which is great for boiling water or simmering rice and many other things.

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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Woodland day trip

Spend the day in the woods today so here are a few pictures from the day. There are a lot of bluebells coming through at the moment which is very nice to see.

Carved some tent pegs using my knife made by Mark Hill.

Hammock and tarp set up.

There was no rain through the day but I put the tarp up as there was a strong wind which the tarp stopped perfectly.

Fire was lit with the firesteel using birch bark and some fatwood.

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Bushcraft overnight kit

My kit contains:
Tarp (3x3 meters)
100% wool blanket
Knife made by Mark Hill
Bahco laplander folding saw
Fire kit 
Pathfinder bottle and cup with pathfinder stove ring
Millbank bag for water filtration
Hand carved spoon
First aid kit

My fire is held in a oilskin pouch and contains fatwood and birchbark and also holds my firesteel.

My cook kit is the Pathfinder bottle and cup. I also carry the stove ring even when cooking on the fire as the cup cannot be suspended over the fire so I rest it on the stove ring to prevent the fire and coals from being smothered.

With this kit I use the 35 liter Berghaus Munro pack

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